The Shakespeare Southampton
Legacy Trust
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Our Duty 

Safeguarding their Story in Stone

The Southampton Monument & Vault Initiative (SMVI)


Our Passion

Centralising their Historical Record 

The Southampton Online Research Repository (SORR) 


Our Commitment

Marking the 400th Anniversary  

2024 - The Death of the 3rd Earl of Southampton and his son James.





Shakespeare Immortalized Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. 

One good turn deserves another!

Henry Wriothesley was Shakespeare's sole dedicatee and purported patron, making possible some of the greatest plays and poems ever penned. Join Lord Montagu in paying it forward in service to the  living record of their memory. 

Our Friends & Partners

The Shakespeare Southampton Legacy Trust is enabled through the generous support and cooperation from friends & institutions to whom our gratitude is publicly and gratefully given. Thank You!