"I will prophesy he comes to tell

me of the players."

Hamlet, Act II, Sc.ii

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Shakespeare Immortalized Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. 

One good turn deserves another!

Henry Wriothesley was Shakespeare's sole dedicatee and purported patron, making possible some of the greatest plays and poems ever penned. Join Lord Montagu in paying it forward in service to the  living record of their memory.  


Safeguarding Their Story in Stone!

SSLT considers it a privilege to lead an appeal to fund the restoration of the Wriothesley/Southampton Monuments in the Parish Church of St. Peter, Titchfield, and to be the first charitable organization to initiate a campaign to safeguard the Wriothesley sepulchre. It is our view that the Southampton Chapel, Monument and Vault are national treasures that merit a conservation strategy equal to their cultural significance. Please join Lord Montagu in supporting this important heritage initiative. Shakespeare had the Earl of Southampton's patronage, we need yours. 




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Please contact us if you have any questions about the Shakespeare Southampton Legacy Trust (SSLT). We look forward to hearing from you!

    Palace House, Beaulieu
    Brockenhurst, Hampshire
    SO42 7YL
    United Kingdom 

     We're Listening 


Let's Collaborate!

In 2017 a multi-institutional initiative was convened by the Shakespeare Southampton Legacy Trust to discover, centralise and share, for the benefit of the nation, an online catalogue of books, manuscripts, records of historic interest, pictures, photographs, and objects of antiquity, with particular reference to the life and times of the Wriothesley, Earls of Southampton (1505-1667) and Shakespeare. SSLT continues to forge relationships with leading archives with Wriothesley holdings; harnessing the power of the internet to create a centralized catalogue/research repository of digital resources, complete with citations guiding researchers to the original manuscript collections. 

Do you have a document, artefact, citation, or discovery to share with the world?  

Let's Collaborate



Patronage With Benefits!

As an independent charity, SSLT looks to its supporters worldwide for funds to pursue its objectives. These are research, education, and the preservation of the Wriothesley/Southampton legacies. Explore our 2020 charitable activities, complete with 2019 funding goals and status, Join Lord Montagu in paying it forward in service to "the living record their memory".