2nd Earl of Southampton (1545-1581

Henry Wriothesley was the third and only surviving son of the 1st Earl of Southampton and was born into great privilege. King Henry VIII himself was one of the sponsors at his baptism. During the reign of the Protestant Elizabeth I, however, he gained a reputation as a zealous Catholic. His male heir, Henry Wriothesley, would become Shakespeare's sole dedicatee. 

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Henry Wriothesley, second earl of Southampton (1545-1581)
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Shakespeare Immortalized Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. 

One good turn deserves another!

Henry Wriothesley was Shakespeare's sole dedicatee and purported patron, making possible some of the greatest plays and poems ever penned. Join Lord Montagu in paying it forward in service to the 
living record their memory.